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Before the performance of John on March 7, 2017, A.C.T.’s Resident Dramaturg Michael Paller spoke with
Director Ken Rus Schmoll before a live audience about the road trip that inspired the set design,
conversations between generations, and daydreaming at the theater (30 min). 


Publications Manager Simon Hodgson explores the haunting history of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (15 min).


Like Sitting in a Stranger's Living Room

Highlights from Director Ken Rus Schmoll's remarks to the cast and company on the first day of rehearsals for John.
by Elspeth Sweatman

The Dramatic Power of Thinking

The conversations in John are filled with the everyday false starts—hesitations, pauses, what people say, what they leave unsaid—that have become Annie Baker’s trademark.
by Simon Hodgson

Madness, Intimacy and the Numinous (Part 1) (Part 2)

A.C.T.'s resident dramaturg emails with Annie Baker about her involvement with the San Francisco production of John, working with Director Ken Rus Schmoll, and why she teaches playwrighting.
by Michael Paller

Real Things Turned Strange

As research for John, scenic designer Marsha Ginsberg took a road trip to visit bed-and-breakfasts in Gettysburg with director Ken Rus Schmoll.
by Simon Hodgson

The Illusion of Normality

Director Ken Rus Schmoll finds John terrifying, but he can't pinpoint why.
by Elspeth Sweatman

The Role of a Lifetime

Georgia Engel's first lead role came her way at the age of 68.
by Elspeth Sweatman



Rehearsal Photos

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