Performance Opportunities

Young Conservatory Performance Opportunities

Winter/Spring 2017

A co-production with the Young Conservatory and the Masters of Fine Arts Program
The Rueff at The Strand Theater


Two One-Act Plays
by Horton Foote
Directed by Craig Slaight

    From one of America’s greatest theatrical storytellers, these two short plays by Horton Foote see the world
    through youthful eyes. Blind Date imagines a meeting of two fragile teens manipulated by adults with
    personal agendas. Hilarious and unflinchingly honest, Blind Date offers a world where teenagers are wiser
    and more grounded than adults.

    The Actor, commissioned by the A.C.T. Young Conservatory, is an autobiographical play that tells the story
    of Foote’s own reckoning as a teenager. Growing up in Depression-era Texas with the dream of becoming
    an actor, Horace must stick to his convictions amidst ridicule from his peers and fear of failure from his

    Tuition: $800
    Auditions: March 1 and 2
    Rehearsals: March 14–April 17
    Performances: April 18–23
    Grades 9–12
    To schedule an audition, email or call 415.439.2441.


Summer 2017


Black Butterflies
A Collaborative Youth Arts Project

by Darren Canady
Directed by Tyrone Davis

July 25–August 5
The Rueff at A.C.T.’s Strand Theater and Destiny Arts Theater, Oakland

    When you’re a young girl of color caught in a stifling web of educational neglect, calcified courts, and an
    overwhelmed incarceration system, orange ain’t the new black—it’s a trap. Behind the scenes though, there
    are complicated, varied stories of girls trying to survive and escape that shadow web with their humanity,
    dignity, and individuality intact. This exploration of the unique effects of what we problematically call “the   
    school-to-prison pipeline” on girls of color will reveal the community-wide collusion of parents, educators,    
    and litigants that has led us here . . . and what it may take to get out.

    This world premiere by award-winning and nationally-recognized playwright Darren Canady combines a
    cast of young actors from the A.C.T. Education & Community Program, Destiny Arts Center in Oakland,
    and the Young Conservatory.

    Tuition: Free
Beginning June 26
July 25–August 5
    Grades 9–12
    To schedule an audition, email or call 415.439.2441.



Book by Craig Slaight

Music and Lyrics by Creighton Irons
Directed by Domenique Lozano

August 9–21
A.C.T.’s Strand Theater

    In this passionate and powerful musical, originally commissioned for the Young Conservatory, Emma
    Kolmeier and her two young siblings flee from Germany to escape World War I, leaving everything they
    know far behind. The family settles in southern Illinois, where they make new friends—and begin to confront
    harsh persecution as America enters the war against Germany. Set against the backdrop of a tumultuous
    and riveting moment in history, Homefront tells the story of remarkable young people courageously
    struggling to come of age in a world rocked by conflict. As they experience the first twinges of romance and
    dream of the future, their lives are transformed in astonishing ways, forever redefining their understanding
    of home.

    Tuition: $800
Beginning July 5
August 16–28
    Grades 9–12
    To schedule an audition, email or call 415.439.2441.

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